Terms and Conditions


All quotes, written or oral, are estimates only. They are subject to availability and price at the time the invoice/booking is confirmed and issued.


All prices are in local currencies. Invoices issued will be converted into Australian based on the current exchange rate of the day. Up until final payment is taken, prices are subject to change by either the supplier or due to currency fluctuations.


We strongly advise for travel insurance to be taken to cover cancellations, loss of deposits, medical emergencies, overseas hospital and medical expenses, theft, luggage delay, travel delay, personal liability and of course, skiing.


The airlines involvement in a booking is purely as a contractor and holds no responsibility for statements in brochure or on website in regards to tours. Such air carriage is subject to conditions referred to on a passenger’s ticket.


WIthin 3 days of the invoice/booking being confirmed, a $500 per person or 50% will need to be paid. This may vary depending on the supplier If this is not paid the invoice/booking may become null and void. Full payment will be required at least 70 days prior to departure. Bookings made within 70 days of travel will need to be paid in full as soon as booking is confirmed and invoice issued. If you fail to make any payment we can cancel your booking and apply the cancellation terms below.


Any cancellation request must be in writing and is only valid when we ackowledge the cancellation. Regardless of whether travel has commenced, cancellations will incur charges, up to 100% of the entire booking, Bookings cancelled outside of 90 days prior to travel will have varying cancellation fees based on suppliers. Please contact us for exact fees. A $110 fee can be charged per amendment once the booking/invoice has been initially confirmed.


Under no circumstances can we be held responsible for adverse snow or weather conditions. Cancellations or alterations on the basis of snow and weather conditions are subject to the cancellations & amendment terms within these terms and conditions. Please contact us for individual suppliers “down day” policies.


Products and scenes shown are representative of those featured in the various programs but are not necessarily the same as those supplied. Descriptions of the facilities, tours, stats and other services are provided by the suppliers and are subject to change at any time. We make every effort to ensure this website and any other information we provide is accurate, but subject to any statutory liability which may not be excluded by law, we are not liable for any error, omission or inaccuracy of website content arising from our reliance on information provided by third parties.